Summer Activities & Adjustments

June 19, 2019

We have completed another academic year!

As a mom, I have seen my oldest challenged more than he has ever been as he scraped through his second year of college. Although very smart, school is just “not his thing,” but he is determined to earn a college degree. He’s a great young man, but I have to admit, having him home again is a bit tricky. 

I was relieved when I saw a fellow Clevelander, Dr. Lisa D’Amour address this very topic on CBS This Morning last week. 

Nice to know I am not alone, and there are things I can do to make our situation better!

This summer, I am seeing how frustrated my “tween” son is at not being able to find friends to play with during the day. It seems his friends all attend day-camps, and our neighborhood is not teeming with kids like mine was growing up. I see how hard it is to limit our children’s screen time without becoming their constant playmate!

Fortunately, he will go to sleep-away camp soon, and be free to sail, whittle, and hang with friends for four weeks. I never thought I would be a mom who sends her child away for a month, but he loves everything about it. Look for more about camps for children with special needs in this newsletter.  

This summer, I hope your family time is full of laughter and smiles, and that the myriad of tasks, appointments, and chores are minimal!

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